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"Girls’ getaways are fun – but the Women Who Thrive retreat might just change your life. It became clear that everyone was there to heal in one way or another, and surrounded by like-minded women it felt easy to be my authentic self”.


I experienced an incredible sense of relief and calm, giving me the confidence to move forward in the knowledge that I am a pretty good human being who needs to believe in myself. It was shocking to realise how those who had historically made me feel less than worthy had damaged my confidence and self-love.


I felt that even the most hesitant guest could find sanctuary and healing in Sharon’s hands.


Being able to share our most inner concerns and self-doubts with a small group of like-

minded women was freeing and liberating."



"This is the workshop for every woman who wants to look for a more fulfilled version of herself. It's about looking after your soul and mind, in a serene and peaceful atmosphere. it's about re-discovering friendship and self-love. It's about healing old wounds and

empowering the new version of you...


It is a concept that meets physical wellbeing, wonderful environment, wonderful, gourmet food. And a mix of women who want to share their feelings, their anxieties, their hopes and I think it has being a winning formula because we feel like we can take of both our mental hold up and just physical stresses.


We had a little bit of both, looking after our body and soul at once and within an intimate circle of sisterhood and the beauty of the countryside. This is just wonderful, just what we need to cope with the stress of city life."


"I will be forever grateful to have been part of such an amazing experience like that. I left feeling like I had found my voice and I have left with tools and understanding of situations that I have been in and the reactions that I have had and I think being able to share with a group of women, all together, and everyone being very supportive and non-judgemental is a really sort of magical experience. I would absolutely recommend the experience to all my female friends and family."


"This is not a workshop for someone who is not prepared to work with themselves. But I can assure you that no matter how sceptical you are, by the end of it you will leave with some insightful knowledge about yourself, as a human being, and also about how to navigate the relationships you have in your life. I am leaving this amazing location with a fresh perspective on my life, and the relationships that I have with those around me. Sharon has provided all the participants, including me, with tools that we can use for the rest of our lives to improve the way we conduct our lives. This is truly a workshop that will help you become the best version of yourself."



"What I have to say about Women Who Thrive, is that it is completely unique, I haven’t seen like that at all. A uniquely designed programme that brings together your child and your adult and you heal your past and you meet women from different backgrounds and you are put in a completely vulnerable situation and I have not been in this position but it’s an absolute amazing experience to share that. I can’t thank Grainne and Sharon enough for the attention to detail on this programme and the kindness, care and compassion that they have given to us allowed us to be ourselves, allowed us to be vulnerable. It’s a one in a life experience and I would really recommend it to everybody, all the women out there that need to get under the carpet and have a good spring clean of their life the way I’d sort of describe it is. It has put a closer on a lot of things for me able to move on and let go and heal from a lot of things that have been just bouncing around in the air not finding any proper answers. I would really, really, really recommend it."


"I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Sharon for a truly wonderful experience on the women who thrive 'becoming the best you' workshop. Sharon is an amazing woman; her guidance, honesty and caring nature are truly inspiring and very unique. She has helped me turn pain into power, chaos into peace and wounds into wisdom. I am so proud of 'me'! The best investment I can make is my own personal healing and growth and I am so excited for the new chapter of my book of life!"


"I feel a huge sense of relief that someone out there knows what’s going on inside my head and that someone (you!) Can help me overcome/heal. I am so excited as you are going to help so many's just brilliant" 


"Wow! Amazing! Life changing!

Sharon's incredible 6 part workshop course women who thrive is amazing. From the very first session it has been truly life changing for me. It has enabled me to deal with daily life in a controlled balanced way, without the constant unintentinal emotional hurt i was feeling. Somehow she facilitates realisation and healing in you, enabling you to move through life as a complete best person you can be. It's amazing i thoroughly recommend it."


"I would like to say a massive thank you in helping me take a big step forward towards understanding how i allowed my thoughts and my feelings cloud my judgement and let negativity rule my everyday life.  You made me see life in a different way and become one with my inner self.  I now have a variety of techniques to help with my anxiety and learning to take control and not to be scared, but be brave and honest. This is  down to you sharon mckenna-daniels. You are a wonderful, spiritual, caring and understanding human being . Thankyou from my heart and soul."               


I attended a 3 day workshop with Sharon (WWT) to say I am changed is an understatement. I have come away from the course feeling a sense of empowerment, contentment and a realisation of my worth. I have lived in the shadows for too long and this course has awoken me . Sharon guided and advise me on techniques that I will now put in practice forever. I have been on a journey with Sharon and the other members and I can safely say we have all connected on a level that will keep us supporting each other on our next chapters. I highly recommend this workshop if you need some guidance on where you belong in life . I now know who I am and truly grateful. Thank you Sharon x


"I have just completed the six-week course to empower women. I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have attended. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've learned invaluable life skills with an amazing group of like minded people. Sharon is a true inspiration, with her vast knowledge and professional delivery. Every session you discover how strong and unique you actually are. I highly recommend it. Every woman who goes on her course will hugely benefit from it."


" Sharon spoke at 'her business revolutions international womens day, and not only was i left inspired and empowered, but i was honoured to have been in the room where so many women felt comfort and connection with what sharon shared with us. She is knowledgable and real in her delivery and her experience and expertise shone through"


I was excited but apprehensive about joining the Women Who Thrive course.

Thad previously seen Sharon in her role as a therapist after my separation and divorce and during my first meeting with her, I had a 'lightbulb moment'. I left with a feeling that my thoughts were valid and I realised how much of myself had been forgotten due to a long unhealthy marriage.

When the opportunity arose to join this course, I was so grateful. I was unsure how the group situation would work, having had individual counselling but wow, what a powerful group this became!

The group shared an open and safe space where everyone could be heard, alongside the expertise and guidance from Sharon. Sad stories of trauma emerged from each and every woman but as the course progressed, we all found the strength to start our own healing process. The strength and support of the group was something that I've never experienced, even with my closest friends and family.

The tools and techniques we were taught took me to a place of deep relaxation where powerful visualisations enabled me to see a brighter future. These tools are now transferable into my daily life and I left the last day of the course feeling so different. I felt empowered, calm and strong.


This course is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore what has shaped the you of today and it enables and inspires you to become the best version of you.

I cannot thank Sharon and my fellow group members for a truly amazing (although exhausting!) experience that will positively impact my life from this point forwards.


I went to the Women Who Thrive workshop with no expectations and I never imagined how wonderful it would be. I felt so privileged to be part of such a lovely and supportive group of ladies and, alongside Sharon's empowering and inspirational teachings, I did not want the weekend to end. I came away with the 'tools' to conquer anything that life dares to place in my way! Thank you so much Sharon. I cannot recommend 'Women Who Thrive' highly enough.


The Three-Day Transformation Workshop I have just attended was delivered by Sharon with great care, compassion and empathy, whilst remaining completely professional. It was absolutely amazing from the beginning to end. We were a small group, who arrived as strangers and left after three days as friends for life, who all encouraged each other, and witnessed each others real self emerge. I would thoroughly recommend it.


I recently attended a 3 day transformation workshop by Sharon McKenna Daniels at

Women Who Thrive. Sharon was recommended by a friend and I was keen to find out if her workshop could help me. I had never done anything like it before and felt quite unsure of what to expect. There were only 4 of us aged between 45-65yrs old in our group which made the whole experience feel very safe & intimate.

Sharon helped us uncover what was holding us back and taught us techniques including meditation which I have been using since. She was kind, gentle & sensitive throughout and we were able to share some our deepest emotions without judgement. The ladies on my course were amazing, strong women and we shared things about ourselves that we possibly had never spoken about to anyone before. The connection between us was amazing & we will continue to support each other on our journeys.

It was an extremely emotional but empowering experience and I would 100% recommend

Sharon & the workshop to anyone feeling 'a bit lost'

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