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We are excited to introduce you to our retreats, held at beautiful locations across Norfolk and Suffolk, where you will embark on a journey to discover your real self, your voice and your true potential, as you let go of all that has held back.

The Three - Day residential workshop, with non-residential options, takes place at the stunning Norfolk Farmhouse, a beautiful, Georgian country house set in the picturesque Norfolk countryside.  Here you will experience the finest cuisine served by our In-House Chefs, David Little and Kevin Wainwright of Satis House, The Graze and Easy Tiger. David and Kevin provide a truly unique and bespoke dining experience, exactly what you need as you embark on your life changing journey for the mind, body and soul. In addition, you can enjoy one of our relaxing evening therapies to unwind at the end of the day, such as, Crystal Healing, Angelic Healing and Massage. There is also a jacuzzi and sauna to add an extra bit of relaxation in the evenings. 

This workshop is for a maximum of eight people.

Next Retreat 
Friday 27th September - 29th September
10.00AM to 4.30PM 




Here, within the intimate, safe and beautiful space of The Norfolk Farmhouse, you become part of an empowering Circle of Women, in a space of kindness, compassion and empathy. It is one where deep healing takes place. And it is just for eight of you. You will learn more about yourself than you have ever learned before, and will gain 'life tools' that will deepen and expand your self-awareness, empowering you to become the Woman you were always meant to be, and one where you will begin to perceive yourself others and your world very differently. It is 'Transformation' on a deeper level.

Your Journey begins with ‘Uncover’; the uncovering of who you are today and how you function in your world. This is where the process begins, from the very first exercise, where you are asked to describe yourself. This is where you realise the qualities and strengths you hold. But it is also where you uncover what you: your Inner Child, Your Inner Adolescent and Your Inner Historical Adult, have believed about themselves and carried throughout their lives, and what you- your 'Present Adult' self thinks about them.

On the second day, as you learn more about yourself, we move to ‘Recover’, where in a space of empathy, compassion, support and much kindness, you begin to heal. This is where your Child, Adolescent and your Historical Adult finds their voice and where with understanding, forgiveness, and love, you reconnect with all of you. Visualisation exercises make this process profound.

With such deep healing and reconnection of the self you are ready to step into the Future ‘You’. This is Discovery, this is where you find Your 'Warrior Woman' and where you consciously decide what you take with you into your future and what you let go of. It is about endings and new beginnings, letting go of what has held you back as you move into your future and the person you choose to be. On this day you connect to deeper, higher parts of your consciousness. Here is where you become whole.

Women Who Thrive at The Retreat. Group work


We have a team of practitioners on hand to provide luxury treatments that will help you unwind at the end of the day. The Retreat includes one treatment as part of the package however additional treatments can be purchased if you felt like you needed some extra pampering.  

Treatments include;


Crystal Healing

Angelic Healing



The Retreat Holistic Healing at The Norfolk Farmhouse
The Retreat Accommodation at the Norfolk Farmhouse


Women Who Thrive The Retreat at The Norfolk Farmhouse

Our Retreat locations are carefully chosen. At The Norfolk Farmhouse, there are six beautiful boutique style rooms each with it's own bespoke style and exquisitely decorated and furby the owner, Faye Yuasa. There is a choice of double and twin rooms, with some ensuite rooms available. For information on rooms and prices please contact us.

There is also a non-residential option where you can choose either to embark on the full experience and stay elsewhere or simply attend the Workshops during the day. Please contact us for more information on options and pricing. 

Women Who Thrive The Retreat Training Room at The Norfolk Farmhouse
Dinner at the Retreat
Having a good laugh at breakfast at The Retreat
Fine Cuisine at The Retreat


“Gnosh Catering is delighted to be part of this exciting NEW Venture with ‘Women Who Thrive’.”

Gnosh Catering is owned and run by David Little & Kevin Wainwright, of Suffolks award-winning restaurants;  ‘Bear & Bells’, ‘The Graze at The White Horse’, The Boutique Hotel, ‘Satis House’, which won Channel Fours ‘Four in a Bed’ and which was awarded the prestigious AA Rosette, and ‘Easy Tiger Asian Kitchen’.

Fine Cuisine at The Retreat

They bring over 20 years of culinary experience using locally sourced, in-season, high quality ingredients, to create stylish, delicious and exciting menus for our guests. Worldly travelled and with a vast knowledge of international cuisines, they are very excited to show off their many styles of cooking.

Gnosh Catering. InHouse Chefs  at The Retreat
David Little In-House Chef at The Retreat

You will be welcomed each morning with a continental breakfast and later served lunch. The highlight of the day is the hosting of their exquisite evening meal, where you will receive the full 5- star treatment and want for nothing.

They cater for a range of dietary requirements which will be confirmed prior to attending the retreat.

Fine Cuisine at The Retreat
Fine Cuisine at The Retreat
Fine Cuisine at The Retreat
Fine Cuisine at The Retreat
Fine Cuisine at The Retreat
Fine Cuisine at The Retreat

What they say...

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The feeling of experiencing the world through a different lens incredible. There is a change of energy with everyone I'm interacting with and with me... my family...friends... colleagues... my clients... I feel profoundly changed... I found solutions to obstacles that have been worrying me... my energy feels so different.. I would say that my experience with you❤️, Grainne ❤️ and the lovely girls I met on this workshop ❤️ has not only been profound but deeply spiritual... I know there are things to work on.. parts of me i didn't see before.. and it's amazing.. I feel safe within myself.

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What a wonderful retreat. Five women walked into a house as vulnerable strangers but became great friends. We have laughed, we have cried and we have been there for one another. I have always been guarded wary of groups of girls thinking they'd be gossiping and talking about me or that I'd be unable to share so much. During this retreat I learned the power of a woman's circle of support and friendship. Thank you to you all. Thank you to @sharon_mckennadaniels and @gmckennadaniels for hosting this amazing retreat. It is so empowering and for me it has been life changing.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work on yourself and to become a strong and independent woman.

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A truly wonderful experience!


From first arriving to this five-star three day retreat at The Norfolk Farm House, the warmth, kindness, compassion, support and authenticity from both Sharon and Grainne, as well as the Gnosh team (David and Kevin) - who provided 5 star meals throughout the stay - was intoxicating.


All three days of the in-depth workshops were transformative – from feeling stuck to Empowered; small to Growth; pain to Healing.


I came away with a toolkit of coping mechanisms for handling emotions that have been holding me back, and a change in mindset.


The start of a beautiful journey of self-discovery.

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