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Sharon and Grainne McKenna-Daniels Directors Women Who Thrive

Hello, Dear Friend and Sister.


To Every Woman. I am writing to you as it is my mission to give you all that I have from my heart and soul, from my imagination and mind and what I have learned from my life experience. I am here for you. I have never been so certain about anything.


To be able to love and be loved, is our greatest gift, our greatest achievement and our most difficult journey. It took me many years to feel worthy of being loved and many years to accept, have compassion for and to love my Whole Self; my Inner Child, my Inner Adolescent, and my Historical Adult. My journey is a continuing one, because we never stop learning. I wish I had started this journey much sooner, but when we are lost in ego it takes something big to happen for us to awaken to the fact that we are not who we are meant to be and who, with our whole heart, want to be.

I want to let you know that it is never too late to find yourself and be happy, and to be able to be all you can be in every area of your life. I want you to love, have compassion for, believe in, trust and to know yourself. I want you to realise the wonderful, amazing and beautiful qualities you hold within your mind, body, heart and soul as Mother, Partner, Sister, Daughter, Friend and the qualities and strengths of your beautiful Inner Child and Adolescent. I want you to find your voice, and let that hesitant, pleasing, quiet voice disappear, as you stand your own ground and let anything negative that you believed about yourself fall away. I want you to realise your personal power in the form of your ‘Warrior Woman’, and your ‘Inner Goddess’.


So, I am calling you to be all you have the potential to be. I give you Women Who Thrive and Becoming Your Best You and Letting Nothing Hold You Back. I give my learning as a therapist and coach, as your sister and kindred spirit, and your guide helping you on your way, because once you have the tools I give you and once you have taken within your consciousness what I teach, and live by it, you won’t need to give your self away or change who you are for anyone any more. With all my heart I give this to you, all you need to do is want it, it is up to you.

We envision a world where a woman’s voice and presence is seen and heard. Where the only approval she seeks is that of her own self, where she stands firm in her own ground and she speaks her truth, because she knows herself, and she knows her thoughts. She lives reunited with her Inner Child, her Inner Adolescent and her Historical Adult, and in recovery and reconnection, they powerfully and confidently become one, and they let nothing hold them back. I leave You with this...

The Warrior Woman

The Warrior Woman is incredibly powerful.

Her Hero’s Journey has been one of many battles.

Though She seeks peace and fights no one.

Her voice is strong and she speaks her truth.

She is guided intuitively from her Divine Gift of Knowing.

And she stands her ground, confidently and proudly.

She believes in her self and inspires self-belief in others.

She is her own person and will give her self away for no one.

Yet for those she loves she gives with all her heart.

But do not take advantage of her kindness, gentleness and compassion.

Do not see her tears and open heart as weakness.

Do not interpret her silence as submission.

That will be your greatest error.

Sharon McKenna-Daniels Women Who Thrive

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