A Journey of Transformation and Change





16th of July 2022 11am-4.30pm

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Finding Your Best

This is a Course of Self-Discovery, Transformation and Change.

 You will learn a lot about yourself, and therefore positive change is inevitable.


Come along if you are at a crossroads in your life and you want to discover or re-discover who you are. We will give you the tools. Come along if you want to learn about your self, if you want to think about your self differently and live differently. We will raise your awareness. 

Maybe there's something you've always wanted to do or have needed to do for some time but you hold yourself back. Maybe you just want to stop the worry, and anxiety, and the thoughts that rob you of your confidence and self-belief, all stopping you from being who you already are or have the potential to be. Come along, we will provide you with the tools to do all of this. Come along You are ready! You are worth it!


For Mothers*

Are you a mother? Maybe you are a ‘stay at home mum’. Maybe you are about to return to work after a long period. Maybe confidence is an issue. Maybe you are a mother whose children have left home and you are left wondering who you are and what lies ahead for you? Do you feel that you are only known as ‘mum’ and feel that you have lost yourself?  Do you wish to find yourself again, or discover a different you? Is it your time now, to think about what you want? This Course is for You!

For Any Woman*
Needing Something Different

Maybe you're at a crossroads in your life. Maybe there has been a big change and life is different, and you feel you don't know who you are anymore. Maybe you are alone. Maybe you feel something is missing. Maybe you want and need change. Maybe you have hopes and dreams but something is holding you back, maybe it's your job, maybe you want to do something you've always wanted to do, maybe start a new career, start a new business, or study. Maybe you feel stuck and are searching for purpose and meaning in your life, but you hold you back. Fear, self-doubt, what others think or will say. Maybe its lack of confidence, or your low self-esteem from years of not feeling good enough. Maybe you just need to think about your needs for a change. Do you know what you need? This Course is for You!

For Any Woman*
Wanting to Stop the Stress

Maybe the stress, worry or anxiety you are already suffering stops you from being all you can be. Maybe you just want to stop the worrying, stop the negative inner voices which criticise and judge you, Stop the 'What If', the self-doubt and the lack of self-belief. Stop the fear; of making a mistake, of what others think of you, of not being liked, of getting into trouble. Maybe you work incredibly hard and can't say, 'No'. Maybe you're a perfectionist and fear failure. Maybe you dread going to work or going anywhere. This Course is for You!

* for any person identifying as a woman



Hello, I am Sharon McKenna-Daniels and I am the Director of a Company called Conscious-Competence. I am also a Therapist, Coach and Trainer and I am also a Mother. I have designed this training course for Women. For all Women. To find their Personal Power and realise themselves, to become the person they really want to be- who they already are, to activate and connect to the amazing, wonderful traits and gifts that they have, but which can be denied or missed or even lost in our everyday roles, and how we think about ourselves. I am very happy to have designed this course and am very excited to teach it! Come along, find Your Inner Goddess and Thrive!