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The Course of Six 2.5hr Workshops

Here is the content of the 6 Course workshops Women Who Thrive, Becoming Your Best You.' Each Workshop is 2.5 hours long. The Course is a process which builds to the final bringing together of all that is learnt on workshop 6. A wonderful process which promises to be life-enhancing experience. I hope the information below is enough for you to decide to come along, however if it isn't, please give me a call. 07525 842407 or complete the contact page below.

Workshop One: Welcome! Discovering You!

Today we meet for the first time. The Workshops are held in the beautiful 'Cloud 9' room of Saxon Wellbeing, in the lovely Market Town of Beccles, Suffolk. There is only a maximum of 10 people on this course of workshops, to create an atmosphere of connection and one in which you are able to feel seen and heard. I have met so many wonderful people on personal development courses I have delivered and attended, and so it is my wish for You to have a very enriching experience.

Today, You begin to discover You! We as Women have so many strengths and wonderful traits but in our many roles we often deny, dismiss or overlook them. Here, You will discover Yours! Additionally You will be taught the benefits of Positive Affirmations, in building self-confidence and self-esteem, Journaling, for self awareness, personal growth and healing, and You will be taught a Technique to manage stress, anxiety and help you sleep! 

Workshop Two: The Child

Today You will learn about Your wonderful Inner Child and Inner Adolescent. We all have these Parts within our consciousness affecting how we think, feel and behave. The Child has her own way of perceiving herself, other people and her environment, the Adolescent has hers and the Adult has hers! We can often be held back by the fears and beliefs of the Child and the Adolescent, preventing us from being all that we can be and want to be.  Here You will learn to identify, understand and take care of Your Child.

Workshop Three: Personal Power; Finding You!

Today we begin to identify the negative thoughts which challenge our confidence and self-belief and which create stress and anxiety. The workplace, particularly, is a place which stirs our vulnerabilities and insecurities and is often experienced as a stressful, fearful or even a dangerous place. You will discover what, from your history, You take with You to the workplace (and other anxiety evoking places). You will be taught how to recognise and stop the thoughts that hold You back and You will learn how to use the imagination positively and will meet, through guided imagery, Your Desired Self.

Workshop Four: Activating Your 'Inner Observer'

Today You will learn about and activate Your 'Inner Observer' within You. The Observer is an incredibly powerful Part of us that is always there and available to connect with at any time. Our Observer observes our thoughts, feelings and behaviours and enables us to take a step back to see more. It enables us to understand and relate to ourselves, others and our environment differently. The Observer develops and deepens self-awareness and brings us back to present moment reality.

Workshop Five: Activating Your 'Inner Mentor'

Today You will learn about and activate Your 'Inner Mentor. This is a Part of us that we all have. It is a very important part as it provides self-care, self-compassion, kindness and support. It is the part we give to others selflessly. By consciously using this wonderful resource within us, the Inner Critic and the Judge becomes quieter, whilst our self-esteem and self-confidence grow. Our Inner Mentor creates change and helps us to think more positively about what we want as opposed to what we don't want! This wonderful part of us is like having your own best friend by your side permanently.

Workshop Six: Your 'Inner Goddess'

Today is an Ending and a New beginning,  bringing together of all of You; The Woman Who Thrives. You consider Your Purpose and Meaning. You have the tools and awareness to become a different Woman within Your Own Body. You will meet Your 'Future Self' through guided visualisation and You will meet all of You in Celebration around 'The Campfire of Wisdom and Change'. We mark the end of the Course with a celebration of an Ending and a New beginning.

Go For It!

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