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Welcome to 'Transformation' where over three days you will uncover the you of today, recover and heal the you of yesterday and find the you of tomorrow. You will have so many questions answered, and you will leave knowing yourself better than you have ever known yourself before, and with a depth of love compassion and kindness for yourself that your Inner Child has been waiting for all your life. It is time for change. You deserve it.

We are all uniquely different but within each of us, within our consciousness; our mind and body, we have a thinking, feeling and behaving Child, Adolescent and Historical Adult. The term ‘Me’ isn’t just one person, we all have many parts to us, with their own characteristics, perceptions, defences, fears and memories, all with their own way of dealing with relationships and all with their own way of dealing with life.

As we get to know the characters in our own personal world, something wonderful and amazing happens, we begin to understand who we are, who we really are. It is then that we are able to let go of the beliefs that have held us back from being who we have the potential to be and who we really are. Judgments about ourselves that we have held all our lives fall away as we realise that we are not who we believed ourselves to be. This is when we begin to heal and our lives change.

women on the uncover, recover, discover personal development and wellbeing workshops

The process begins with ‘Uncover’, the uncovering of who you are today, where you realise the qualities and strengths that you hold. Where you uncover what you think about yourself and the other parts of you, what you think about other people, and your world today. Change begins from the very first exercise.

As you begin to discover more about yourself we move to the second part of the workshop, ‘Recover’. This is where your Child, Adolescent and your Historical Adult has an opportunity to speak, and where understanding, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and love reconnects all of you, where through deep healing, there is a reuniting of your self.

You then move naturally and profoundly to ‘Discover’, where you find the ‘You’ who has been waiting to emerge. This is about endings and new beginnings, letting go of the past and moving to the future and how you choose to be. On this day you connect to deeper, higher parts of your consciousness. Here is where you connect with and activate your 'Warrior Woman' The process is profound and beautiful.

This course has been a life-changer for me, my mindset is completely different, I actually learnt a lot about myself that I didn’t realise. Sharon’s guidance and coping mechanisms are so helpful and are now part of my daily life. 

Instrumental to this workshop is, ‘The Inner Mentor Guidance System’ a process taught that empowers you to continue your personal journey of transformation and change, providing continuing personal development and deeper understanding of your self, others and your world. The Inner Mentor Guidance system activates and utilises three major internal resources that have always been within your consciousness but not used to their maximum potential.


One part brings greater awareness of your thoughts, feelings and actions, and a deeper connection to your self, the second, a support system that builds confidence, self worth, self compassion and kindness, and the third, a guide and source of information in the moment. All enable you to think differently, feel differently and behave differently and become the person you want to be, who you already truly are.

The Workshop Includes the following:

  • Uncover - Who You Are, Your Qualities and Strengths

  • Uncovering What Holds You Back from Being Your Best You

  • Journaling, Cathartic Writing and Affirmations as a tool for personal growth

  • The Inner Demons: The Inner Critic, The Inner Judge, The Perfectionist and Saboteur

  • Messages from Childhood and What You Still Believe

  • Who Do You Take With You Everywhere You Go

  • Finding Your Confidence, Self-value and Self-belief

  • Recover - Healing Your Past

  • Building a New Relationship with Your Self: Your Inner Child, Inner Adolescent and Historical Adult

  • The 'Inner Mentor Guidance System' a Life-Tool for Deeper Self-Awareness and Life Change

  • A Different Message; A New Way of Thinking

  • Meditation and Visualisation Exercises for Healing and Personal Growth

  • Techniques to Stop Worry, Stress, Anxiety and Fear

  • Discover: Finding and Becoming Your Best You

  • Finding Your Voice

  • A Different Story; Moving Forward

  • The Warrior Woman

  • Standing in Your Own Ground

  • Stepping into Your Discovered Self

  • Endings and New Beginnings

  • Celebrating You!

  • and much more!

The Inner Mentor Guidance System TM, Visualisation and Imagery, Relaxation Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, techniques for personal growth, processes and techniques designed by Sharon McKenna-Daniels, techniques from psychotherapeutic practices such as Ego State Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, CBT and (last but not ever least-) Psychosynthesis Psychology, come together to create this programme.

There is also an opportunity to join Sharon's ‘in-circle’ and other ‘Women Who Thrive’ on a monthly catch-up in person or on zoom, where you will further develop what you have already learned.


Sharon also offers 1 to 1 coaching/mentoring sessions for those wishing to explore and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and The Inner Mentor Guidance System.

What they say...


"When one of my lovely friends asked me to attend this course, I agreed and then thought oh no what have I done!


I’m a strong independent woman, a wife, a mother, I have a grand dog, I love my close friends and I’m a total people pleaser, which most of the time is very much to my detriment, but at 53 years old you can’t change old habits! I honestly thought that I would never need to be a part of anything like this, it just wasn’t something that I’d ever considered, boy was I wrong.


I didn’t realise how much I’d suppressed things having a business of over 30 years and having to listen to people offloading everyday without an outlet for myself, I’d also suppressed a really bad trauma which happened in my youth which I felt that I’d dealt with, but I obviously hadn’t completely.


This course has been a life-changer for me, my mindset is completely different, I actually learnt a lot about myself that I didn’t realise.Sharon’s guidance and coping mechanisms are so helpful and are now part of my daily life. Even if you feel that this may not be for you, reconsider….. I feel so much lighter and so will you.


This three-day workshop is “Life Changing” “Thought provoking” and simply “magnificent”!

I arrived, a lady, that felt she was unworthy, never seen or heard and left like an emerging butterfly, with a tool kit ready to deal with any future blips.


Sharon’s beautifully structured course provides you with the missing pieces to be the strongest and best version of yourself. Sharon created an instant safe place for us, allowing us to talk, share, be heard, listen and grow. I shed tears and much laughter (we all did), I looked upon myself with differing eyes with Sharon’s outstanding learnings.  We meditated and we grew.  Sharon was by our sides every step of our individual journeys, giving us the strength and encouragement to realise and actually see things about ourselves that we hadn’t seen before.


This course is an absolute must for those of us that feel we have lost our way, forgotten who we are, lack confidence, follow pattern cycles or indeed anyone of us that wants to truly realise their best version, you will leave this course with your inner warrior wanting to burst free and grow and most importantly Sharon provides you with the tools or pieces of the puzzle to enable you to continue to thrive.


This course is a must for anyone wanting to find or realise the best “Version of themselves”….. Everyone needs “Sharon”, she is a master of her art and delivers this course with such passion, understanding and knowledge. Ever grateful for this beautiful journey of discovery.


What a gift! This course has been transformative for me. The opportunity to take part came at a point in my journey through life where I knew something needed to change. Stress in my professional and my personal life had been playing heavy on my mind and my physical and mental wellbeing were taking a hit. In the workshops, I joined with 5 other women and together, through a lot of laughter and tears (and more laughter), Sharon taught us so many useful skills to take forward through our lives. She facilitated a completely safe place for us to share and learn from each other. Even when things felt really sad or difficult, Sharon’s kindness and wisdom held forth and enabled a nurturing space for those things to flow.

I loved connecting with my inner child and adolescent and recognised my strengths and how resilient I have been. I learned techniques for sitting with uncomfortable feelings and rediscovered journaling and meditation. I would say that for me, the most powerful ‘take-away’ has been learning about the inner mentor guidance system, and the wonderful simplicity of the Observer. Just pausing, stepping back and allowing myself to notice what is happening and how I am feeling without judgement, and holding myself with compassion, has been SO helpful. I reckon they should teach this stuff in schools and colleges!

I have been nourished by this course and cannot recommend it highly enough.


With tears, laughter and chocolate biscuits………….. THANK YOU 😊 ❤🐱‍🏍

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