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All You Need is Love

Women Who Thrive is about so many things. It is about empowerment and finding your self. It is about finding your voice, speaking your truth and letting go of all the negative things you have believed about yourself, that you have carried throughout your life, but it is also so much more.

It is also about Love. Women Who Thrive is about Love. It is about a woman learning to unconditionally love herself, all of herself. Unconditionally loving her Inner Child, like a mother loves her own child, unconditionally loving her Adolescent and unconditionally loving the woman of her past, her Historical Adult, whom she has judged or abandoned or discarded or denied or forgotten, or worse. With unconditional love of self, there is acceptance and forgiveness and there is a reuniting of her whole self and it is where something truly magical happens.

Here in a circle of kindness, compassion and non-judgment, women authentically and emotionally speak their truth, words they may have never spoken before. In a space of trust, deep empathy, attunement and love, each woman shares her story, her trauma, her pain, and something wonderful happens. She begins to realise her self. It is here that she begins to heal. here is where she begins to let go of all she has held onto, all she has believed about her self, all that her Inner Child has believed about herself, and her Adolescent and her Adult of the past, and she is faced with what she believed about them. And as she lets go of all the negative voices she has believed for so long, all that has hurt her and held her back from being the beautiful Human Being she is, there is a reunion, a reunion of her self and she becomes whole, in Love.

At the end of their life-changing experience, each woman leaves having made the deepest heart to heart connections of Mind, Body and Soul. All having been seen and heard and having witnessed the voice of each others Child, Adolescent and Historical Adult. And with the tools they are given, each leaves as the Warrior and Goddess they are to become, and begin their journey of Love, and life will never be the same again.

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